2004 Yamaha RX Warrior

RX Warrior black with yellow flames...still looks great and low miles for the year...this 1000cc 4-stroke ...4 cylinder sled is studded and fast!

Another lightning bolt out of the blue. Still reeling from last year's RX-1 introduction? Brace yourself again: For `04, our new RX Warrior™ widens the four-stroke gap. Featuring a longer, grippier, 136-inch Camoplast Rip Saw™ track, the RX Warrior™ will be harnessing even more Genesis Extreme™ four-stroke power for even more tremendous acceleration. New ProAction® rear suspension provides outstanding ride quality, and your rear end will love the thicker seat, too. Up front, independent wishbone suspension maintains optimum control. There's also an aggressive clutch calibration, a high-ratio stabilizer arm, skid-resistant strips, and aluminum upper front suspension arms along with reverse and electric start as standard equipment. roomed trails, rough trails, ditchlines and a foot of fresh powder all in a 200-mile loop? No problem. Long runs between gas stops? No problem. What? Your buddy thinks he can beat you? Big problem-for him. All have estimated dealer arrival from August 2003